November 23rd , 2010

No friends, we have not forgotten you. Any thoughts of our demise are sadly have been the updates for our web site. Keep your browser tuned to this space!

Don't forget the date for Blank-Fest XIV, Saturday, December 11th from noon until midnight at Bruxelles in Nyack, NY. For more information, check out the site.

March 2nd , 2007

We are very excited to announce that The Baghdaddios have been invited to perform at this year's Rebellion Festival in Blackpool England, Thursday, August 9 through Sunday, August 12. Bands, dates and playing times for the festival are still being coordinated, so keep checking back here and on the Rebellion Festival's Blackpool Information Page for where and when the band will be playing in the UK this August!

March 2nd , 2007

Come out and see us at Desmond's Tavern on Saturday, March 3rd for their Pop Punk Night! We're on at 9:00 p.m., right after our friends Roots Rock Rebel. Good music, good food, good beer. Be there.

September 1st , 2006

First of all, come out and see us at M.E.A.N.Y.Fest 2006 on September 23rd! We're playing Crash Mansion this year and it's a Saturday, so no excuses! Come out and vote!

Secondly, we've just confirmed the NY Marathon. Come see us on the corner of 1st Ave. and E. 86th Street. We'll be there from the wee hours until the duration of the marathon as we've done for the last eight years!

Finally, we've set a date for Blank-Fest X, that's right, TEN. Sunday, December 17th from noon until close at Bruxelles in Nyack, NY. For more information, check out the site.

August 16th , 2006

Vote for our podcast of "Neil's In Rehab" here! The polls close this Friday, but don't bother "stuffing the ballot," the moderator is checking to make sure there aren't any duplicate IP addresses.

August 7th , 2006

We knew Friday night was going to be a good show - we could feel it in the air. And it turned out that it was! We got a chance to reconnect with old friends, see our regular crew and make NEW friends in the process. Check this out: the crowd from the funk band that was playing on the bill with us that night was hanging out RIGHT in front of the stage area. We decided that rather than play our standard set list to just toss out numbers indiscriminately - starting with our punked-out version of "The Jefferson's Theme" (Movin' On Up). The place went nuts. Similar reactions met with high-octane versions of the ol' Beatles chestnut "Slow Down", our homage to our 80's roots in our punked-up take on the ol' Flock of Seagulls "I Ran (So Far Away)", and even a bunch of Baghdaddios numbers which most of the crowd was NOT familiar with - but they were so worked up into a frenzy that they didn't care. Every song was bigger than the last until we practically fell off the stage from exhaustion. Musta sold about 50 CDs that night - hey, we know that NONE of us have any business cards left (gotta get some new ones made up!) and Kenn had to sit in front of the air conditioner for about a half hour while steam rose off him! To say that it was a great night was an understatement.

So, ok, if you missed it, we're sorry - the best part is that we only have a few more days before a 2nd chance to catch the runaway Baghdaddio-train before it careens off the scene, out of control naturally! DJ Rob Nitro, who was there on Friday night, has his very OWN night in Williamsburg, at the Lucky Cat. The festivities start at 9:00 and, yes, it's FREE to get in (and this time we verified it with the owner, so there!) and, get this: Rob told us he has a late-opening for another band. If you know of a band or are in a band that feels like playing on the same bill with us, on Wednesday night, contact us, A.S.A.P.(first come, first serve). And if we don't find another band? Then we'll basically jam out - in addition to our normal set list we'll bring back a few old originals, try out a few "new" ones, jam on some standard covers — and some not-so-standard covers — sort of an off-the-cuff, midweek (no we refuse to use the term "Hump-Day"!) party. In between all of this DJ Rob will be spinning all the old classic punk anthems: The Clash, DK, Pistols, Damned, early Police — hey, you name it, chances are he HAS it!

August 4th , 2006

So, ok, do ya have any plans for the weekend?  Goin' away on Saturday?  Won't be back until late Sunday?  OK, fair enough.  What about after work?  Happy Hour with your mates?  Fine.  Ok.
How about later, after Happy Hour, after the Yanks and (ahem) Mets have won their Friday night ballgames - and you're not quite ready to call it a night - but you don't feel like going on a major safari?
That's where WE come in.  We're playing tonight.  At midnight.  It's free to get in and if you haven't seen the band in awhile, well then you're in for a real treat.
How do we keep finding these great places to play (or, actually, more apropos, how do they keep finding US?)?  Of course it's in Williamsburg (for the tragically unhip that's Williamsburg, Brooklyn!).  And the name of the place is called (are you ready for this?).........BOOGALOO!
Yep, that's right.  Boogaloo (say it with me, now!).  We're going on at Midnight, ON THE NOSE.  And we'll be doing the same, critically bally-hooed set that blew 'em away when we played North By Northeast up in (OH!) Canada.  We're fresh off doing an appearance on Manhattan Cable's "Art Or Something Like It" (there might actually be a video crew there to record the show), basking in the "glory" of our recent PODCAST with Lets Rock America , and Kenn's mother STILL isn't speaking to him after the release of our most recent "Gutwrench" video.  Let's face it, we're on a roll, we're having fun and we don't CARE if we get people to show up or not - we just want to party with our friends.  And trust me, THIS is F-U-N!
Dj Rob Nitro's hosting his own show this coming Wednesday at The Lucky Cat (also in Brooklyn), and, yes, we're playing it!  But more about that later.  Right now we're just jonesin' to get up on that stage, turn the amps up to 11, the Air Conditioner up to 13 (sorry, Mayor Mike!) and celebrate the Heatwave of '06!  What better way of beatin' the heat than with a few cold drinks, The Baghdaddios, a super-cool, air-conditioned bar in W-burg - and thou?

July 28 th , 2006

First of all we'd like to thank everyone who came to Otto's last weekend.  It seems that since the music video for "Gutwrench" came out that we're getting more people attending our shows than ever.  More enthusiastic, too.  That's not an easy feat to accomplish — we have some real "mental" friends.  For all of the love and support, we thank you!
In the audience that night was a gentleman out of New Jersey named Rich Kubicz.  Among many other things (dedicated husband and father, talented musician, songwriter), Rich is a purveyor of the arts.  Awhile back, he began a website dedicated to promoting the independent artists in our community.  First starting as a local phenomena, Let's Rock America has grown rapidly to the point where their last featured artist, The Benjamins received over 2 and a half-million hits in less than a month's time!  Starting to attract international attention to our local scene, we were flattered when Mr. Kubicz approached us regarding The Baghdaddios becoming a "featured artist" on the Let's Rock America website .
But it gets better than that!  After speaking with Rich numerous times over the phone and in person, he decided to try something "new and different" — he got together with his tech people, made a quick trip to Radio Shack and "BOOM" — the very first Let's Rock America PODCAST, featuring (ahem) The Baghdaddios, was born!
Not being too well versed in this whole "interview thang" we weren't quite sure how this would go.  Also, since this isn't as restrictive a medium as, say, radio, basically anything goes!  So, yes, there are moments resulting in what one would call "language issues" (please do NOT play this for kids, grandparents, fellow co-workers with easily upset stomachs, authority figures, members of the religious right, etc.) - and there was no set structure to the interview.  Rich cues up several cuts from our first two CDs in between the wide-ranging topics from Pete Townsend's lynching in the media to how Baghdaddios lead singer Kenn Rowell nearly got arrested on his way to the interview because someone thought he was taking pictures of the George Washington Bridge!
We also mention a TON of our friends within the Lower East Side and Williamsburg indie music community and friends of the band including F.P.ToZ, Stark, The Sex Slaves, The X's, Marla Worley, Banana Fish Zero, Patti Rothberg, The Doc Marshalls, The New York City Blues Devils, Richard Barone, Frank Wood (all hail!), Girl to Gorilla, Killah Pang, Angrichik, The Carvelles, Steve Pang, Frankie & His Fingers, Chuck DeBruyn & The Horse You Rode In On, Temptress, Kenn's cousin Shelly's son, Ryan - you name it, we probably mentioned it.  We're sure we missed a few key names and I'm sorry if we did but this was a night fueled by MANY a Red Bull and a definite stream-of-consciousness kind of flow to it.  A few friends who've already heard it thought it was pretty funny.  We'll say THIS much for it - it's definitely original!
For the uninitiated you basically go to the LRA site where you can either download the PODCAST onto your PC and play it there or you can download it into your iPOD and play it back, in private, anytime you wish, at your own leisure.  Again, this is NOT regulated by the FCC — but we 1st Amendment mavens actually think that's a GOOD thing!
With that said, we'll direct you to the FIRST EVER Let's Rock America PODCAST and let you judge for yourself.
(If you want to skip the nice little feature piece about us and go right to the recording you can here.)
We've got some more cool stuff to tell you (like, ahem, shows?) but, heck, that can wait until after the first of the month.  In the meantime, keep enjoying the summer and maybe we'll see you in between 3-dollah Coronas down on the Coney Island Beach!

July 10th , 2006

Here it is! This is the link to our brand new music video, "Gutwrench," song number 13 off our brand new, 14-song album: "Autopsy-Turvy!"

It was filmed by Arizona-based (but German born!) filmmaker, director and producer Kroy Aziani and it was done completely on location in our hometown City of New York!

If you like Kroy's work then check out his website — trust me when I tell you this young (24 y.o.) filmmaker is well on his way toward making his mark in the creative world! Honestly? We were amazed at how good this video turned out. We owe it ALL to him! Shucks, he made us look like rock stars!

Also, special thanks to singer-songwriter Amanda White for being our femme fatale in the video. No, she wasn't the original "Shalane" (yep, that's what Kenn was yelling during the chorus. And who is Shalane? You'll have to come to our shows to ask us in person!) — but she was a great sport to listen to our primal scream anthem for the better part of two days. Luv ya, Manda!

Let us know what you think. The video can be downloaded (for free, of course!) by right clicking on the link for it. Feel free to pass it on to anyone you want — and if you want to post it anywhere they feature indie music videos then go for it! We will have it here and on our MySpace page shortly...

Above all, thanks for being our friends! Without you it wouldn't be nearly half as much fun!

April 26th , 2006

We're performing at NXNE! Check our shows page for more information.

March 25th , 2006

The Baghdaddios and Blank-Fest featured inthe Daily News! Read the full article here.

March 8th , 2006

Brand new shows added! Check our shows page for details on Emergenza, The Remember Africa Benefit and more! We're busy working on videos to go with the new CD as well as new press photos and planning for upcoming festivals. We never rest! CD release party news coming soon!

February 1st , 2006

Welcome to our brand spankin' new web site! Feel free to take a look around and listen to some of the tracks off of the soon-to-be-released Autopsy-Turvy! We're planning to release it on April 15th, so check back often for updates on when and where we're having the CD release party!

Last-minute booking at Otto's Shrunken Head (E. 14th Street between Avenues A and B) for this Sunday, February 5th at 7PM! See the shows page for more details...but in the meantime...

We've just confirmed a Stones Tribute show with Lo-Fi Entertainment! The show is Friday, February 17th starting at 7 PM at The Pussycat Lounge (96 Greenwich Street at Rector, 2nd Floor; 212.349.4800). The show is 21+ (it is a bar, so please make sure you bring your ID!) and admission is $10, but if you're on our mailing list, we'll be sending an announcement including a handbill you can print out and bring with you for a $2 discount — be sure to tell the door guy you're there to see The Baghdaddios! We're promoting this show early so we can get as many people there as possible. The Baghdaddios will be hitting the stage at 9, but you won't want to miss the other bands on the bill! We'll sharing the stage with Closenuf, Will Pilot, Dealbreaker, Your 33 Black Angels and The Thing In Itself. Hey, for ten bucks, you might as well get your money's worth! Y'see how we look out for ya? Anyway, we hope you'll plan to be there as we'd love to see you and we're always looking for more people to have a drink or three with — make Neil's a soda, though!

We'll also be participating in the Emergenza Festival in March. We'll be posting all of the information here and in the shows section as we receive it. We're very excited about all of the new opportunities that keep cropping up as the new year gets underway.

So since you're here, browse our brand new site: listen to some tunes, check out the pics and videos, send us some email and visit our friends' links. We'd love some feedback!



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